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Ashley Tobias is a professional singer, known for her electric performances and her ability to create music that is both expressive and entertaining. Her recent credits to date include backup vocals for the Infamous Andy Grammer and Rachel Platten, making several appearances on Good Morning America, VH1’S- You Oughta Know Concert and the Today Show.


In November 2015, Ashley released her first single, “Warrior of Love,” produced, mixed, and co-written by Daniel Jakubovic. Her work is epic in scale and grand in style, seeking to tell a story that demands to be heard. She is accompanied by a variety of synthesizers, orchestral pieces, and harmonies, creating a sound that is distinctly hers.


Ashley grew up in New Jersey, and from a young age, she was devoted to dancing, singing, and theater. She earned her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree from Montclair State University and past credits span from her off-Broadway debut in the musical “The Ohmies.” to Green Day's Broadway Musical American Idiot. 


In addition to her musical career Ashley is also the founder and CEO of Be True To You, an Interactive anti-bullying program that seeks to influence through the power of pop, rock, and education by “Taking the Sting- out of Bullying”. The program has garnered extremely positive reactions from parents and teachers alike, and Ashley is hard at work expanding its presence throughout schools.

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